Let's Hold Sarita Accountable

I have studied the bills introduced by the Vermont Legislature over the last biennium. Below is a chart showing how I would have voted compared with Representative Sarita Austin (D) on major legislation that affects us all. Hover over the  icon to see my reasoning for each position.

After examining Rep. Austin's voting record, I am not sure if there is a tax, a mandate or a big government program that she wouldn't vote for? Conspicuously missing from Rep. Austin's legislative record are any attempts to grow the stagnant Vermont economy, reverse our demographic crisis or to improve the situation with Vermont's worsening opioids epidemic.

Jon Lynch (R)
Sarita Austin (D)
Double your heating fuel taxes NO YES
I voted to double your heating fuel taxes.
Increase your payroll taxes NO YES
I voted to increase your payroll taxes.
Increase your capital gains taxes NO YES
I voted to increase your capital gains taxes.
Pay raise for legislators NO YES
I voted to give myself a perpetual pay raise.
Ban plastic bags, straws & styrofoam NO YES
Mandatory health insurance NO YES
"Global Warming Solutions Act" NO YES
Increase state minimum wage by 2.25x inflation NO YES
Allow Act-46 forced school mergers to delay one year YES NO
Raise tobacco purchase and use age from 18 to 21 NO YES
Abolish Columbus Day NO YES
Proposition 5 - "reproductive autonomy" in the Vermont Constitution NO YES
Prohibit "ballot harvesting" in the 2020 election YES NO
Allow non-citizen voting in Montpelier NO YES
Give $5 million to "undocumented aliens" living in Vermont earning up to $99k/yr each ($198k/yr for married couples) NO YES

You Have a Choice This Year

The solution to Vermont's problems cannot be to continually grow government, increase regulation, taxes, fines and fees. Nor can we grow our economy by mandating higher and higher minimum wages. Wages are sustainably increased only when businesses compete for labor, and that can only happen with a strong, business-friendly economy.

The reality is that in order to pay for the things we all want - clean water, world-class schools, paved roads, well-maintained parks and trails, engaging social programs, fully-funded state pensions and a sustainable safety-net for the indigent - we need a strong economy!

And a strong economy requires us to compete with our neighboring states. To recognize our worth in the regional, national and global marketplace. To play to our strengths by supporting our farms and our small businesses and helping them to grow to reach new markets, create new jobs and bring in revenue from outside Vermont. Our government needs to help - not hinder - economic activity in Vermont.

Read about my plan to transform Vermont's economy and create 10,000 high-paid jobs in Vermont within four years.

Colchester Residents - I Need Your Help!

Please send me to Montpelier to grow our economy, lower our taxes and cut our business-killing regulations. You can help in one or more of the following ways:

If you want to see change in Montpelier, then you need to change who goes to Montpelier.